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Week 21 News/Information

Field Trip:
Our field trip to The Thinkery is January 22nd. Please have your child wear their blue class t-shirt and bring a sack lunch if you did not place an order through the cafeteria. We will eat lunch before leaving so please send your child with a snack or two to satisfy their hunger upon returning to school. If you are not chaperoning, you may meet us there and pay at the door.

100th Day of School Needs:
February 1st is the 100th day of school! To celebrate, we will be doing rotations in which your child has the privilege of traveling to other first grade teacher's classrooms and participate in various activities centered around the 100th day! In our class, we will make fruit loop necklaces! To do so, we need two large bags of generic brand fruit loops donated from our class.  If you are willing and able to help, please click on the Sign Up Genius and let us know you will be donating a bag.

We do have some food restrictions in a lot of first grade classes, so if anyone is al…

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