Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 5 News/Information

Several parents have donated Tag Readers/books to our class and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL! My sweet husband took care of downloading the books and labeling the pens so that our kids can begin using them immediately! We have 5 Tag Readers total (I found two stashed away in a boxJ!) and I would love to have a few more so that more students are able to utilize them simultaneously during Reader’s Workshop if you are able to donate!

Raz-Kids online reading program will be set-up within the next week.  Your child will have access to it at home, as many did in Kindergarten. Once set up is complete, I will notify you of the password. Our Raz-Kid class page is linked on our class website under the tab "Websites and Links".
If your child used it in Kinder, please note that this is a new year/grade and students are starting with a ‘blank slate’; meaning, no points or stars are carried over from last year. 
As of now, I will not assign it as homework but, it is certainly recommended that your child spend 15 minutes each night practicing reading or being read with/to. We will use the program in school during independent reading time and I will be monitoring student’s progress throughout the year on levels and comprehension quizzes.

***Required reading homework will begin shortly and students will be bringing home books in their reading folder as well as a reader’s response journal. More information to come.

Week 4 Enrichment is uploaded under the tab "Class Enrichment/Review". Again, this is optional but strongly recommended to reinforce skills being learned in class. Thank you to those who helped your child complete it. It would be helpful if you would wait to send it in until the entire packet is complete.

Lastly, students were finally able to spend their class money Friday! The 'treasure chest' was a BIG HIT! It was such a big hit that after next Friday, there will not be as much to choose from as there won't be much left! Please send in any small trinkets/party favors/toys to be donated to our class treasure chest.

Here's to a great week FIVE! 

Here to Serve,
Mrs. Turner


Week 5 Learning Concepts:
Math: Counting-On Addition Strategies
Science: Observable Properties
Reader’s Workshop:  Inferring
Writer’s Workshop:  Dictionary Skills, Punctuation
Phonics/Word Study:  Short I and Long I

Important Dates:
Sept. 22: K-2 Stallion Assembly 
Two students recognized for leadership in the classroom; parents of recipients have been notified.

Sept. 29: Fall Picture Day

Oct. 9&10: No School
Parent Conferences (15 min) on Oct. 9, sign Up will be emailed soon.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week 4 News/Information

As we are heading into week four, I cannot believe how fast time is flying! We are knee-deep in required reading, literacy, and math assessments. As soon as I gather and organize the data from these assessments, we will meet and discuss your child's strengths, needs, and goals. In the coming weeks, you will sign up for a 15-minute conference time slot via Sign-Up Genius.

Today your child will come home with a 'good citizen interview' homework assignment. Please help them complete it and return on Monday, Sept. 11.

Library- Thursday is library day. Please return both library books in their baggie each Thursday so students can check out new books.

Red Daily Folder- please initial each night and empty all papers.

Birthday pictures- Our birthday wall is scarce. Please send in a small photo of your child if you would like them to be displayed on the birthday wall.

Wishlist- We appreciate any and all donations you make to our classroom. We are currently in need of items for our class treasure chest. Any small toys/trinkets/party favor/etc. type items work well. Students will start spending their class money next week and the treasure chest is bare.
Also, I have about 30 Tag Reader books that aren't being utilized because I don't have any tag reader pens to go with the books. If you are unfamiliar with Tag Readers, they are GREAT for beginning readers, as well as more mature readers as they read the books for you and also have various educational games in the books. If you are willing and able to donate a tag reader to the class, we would be so grateful! View product HERE.

Enrichment/Review- Please click on the "Enrichment/Review" tab on our class website to view opportunities to enhance learning at home that enrich/review concepts taught in class. The enrichment provided is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. You may send it in pre-graded when your child is finished and they will earn class money for completing it. Look for a new activity every Monday.
You can also view this week's enrichment HERE.

Clubs- Clubs start on Monday, 9/11. If your child will be attending an after school club, please notify me so I don't send them home when they are supposed to stay at school:)

In the event you need to visit the classroom, please make arrangements with me beforehand and sign-in at the office.  

Here to Serve, 
Mrs. Turner

Coming Up in Week 4
Math: This week we continue our graphing unit. We will continue to learn about data collection. The students will be introduced to forms of data collection with various types of graphs. There will be a different graph each week and a graphing assessment on Friday.

Science: During Science, students will continue to classify objects by their observable properties (larger/smaller, heavier/lighter, shape, color, and texture) through hands on activities. At the end of the week, students will be assessed on their knowledge of lab safety and classifying matter.

Language Arts Integrated Social Studies:  We will continue learning about being a good citizenship, the difference between rules and laws, the roles of community leaders, and our responsibilities to take part in our government. Students will then determine how they can share with others how to be good Sommer citizens.

Reading:  During Reader’s Workshop we will explore the concept of inferring. Students will learn how to infer feelings and emotions based on certain situations that arise in a book and how to construct meaning.  Inferring meaning will also be practiced through looking a pictures, using context clues, and discussing the theme.

Writing:  In Writer’s Workshop this week students will be introduced to ABC order. They will practice their skills with ABC order using a dictionary. Students will also practice using their Word Wall as a resource for spelling.

Phonics/Word Study:  Students will be reintroduced to long and short vowels over the next several weeks.  This week’s focus is on Short A and Long A.  Students will be hearing, seeing, and have practice writing various words that contain the different sounds of A.  They will also gain a further understanding into the “why?” the different sounds are made and how that sound changes words and their meanings.
Important Dates  
Monday, Sept. 11---Good Citizen Interview DUE:)
September 14: Hearing and Vision Screening
September 29: Fall Picture Day

October 9 & 10: No School for Students
October 9: Parent Conferences

Friday, September 1, 2017

Dear First Grade Families,

We are off and running into a great school year.  This week was very busy with a lot going on!  Our kiddos were also tested for beginning of the year (BOY) Benchmark testing in various literacy and math skills, with some students still remaining to test. These scores are used as an instructional tool to help guide teaching and help in meeting the needs of students.  Our school is also embarking on the BOY reading assessment.  This assessment is done one-on-one with me and will provide even more insight into strengths and areas of instructional needs for each child.  Testing started this week and will continue, on and off, for the next two weeks.

Thank you to the many of you who placed Scholastic orders this week! Because of you, we earned over 1,400 bonus points to use toward FREE BOOKS!! Thank you for helping us build our classroom library! I can't wait to show our kids all the new books we will be receiving!! :) October order forms will be sent home the last week of the month if you missed September's and are interested in helping us earn free books!

Thank you for taking the time to read our website updates and staying informed with what is happening within our classroom.  We are one family, working for the success of each child!

Here to Serve,
Mrs. Turner
Coming Up in Week 3:

Math: This week students are going to be exploring tallies, the proper way to record them, and how they are useful when collecting/recording data. As a class we will also analyze different data collections and graph the results using a bar graph. We are looking to use authentic data to help build our understanding of graphing. ( ie lunch count. Home we get Home etc. )

Science: Students will work to classify objects by observable properties (of matter) such as larger and smaller, heavier and lighter, shape, color, and texture. Students will look at similarities and differences in objects based on their properties.

Language Arts/Social Studies:  Starting our “Good Citizen” PBL.  (The 1st of the year.)  Students are going to begin exploring/discovering what they know about being a good citizen and what it takes to be one through researching/ investigating people of history who exhibited the traits of “being a good citizen”.  By week’s end students will have reached our driving question for the PBL, “How can we be good Sommer citizen?”, and begin exploring areas of our school where this occurs and what it might look like.

Reading:  Continuing with setting up the expectations of Reader’s Workshop, students are going learn what a “just right book” is for them for reading independently.  Students will also learn how to “shop” for books within each of our classroom libraries and what reading “looks like” when reading on their own, with the teacher, and/or reading with another student.  At the end of the week, students will practice making predictions while reading a new story.

Writing:  Students are going to receive mini lessons on how an author types words on their pages to help convey implied meaning and how an illustrator draws pictures, at times, that show implied space or things that don’t appear on the page but can be inferred (are) there.  Students will have a chance to practice these within their own writings and illustrations.  Students will also be introduced to various types of covers (wrap around, same as an illustration within book, completely new illustration, etc.) authors create for their books.  Upon instruction on these, students will have a chance to practice these skills while applying them to their own writing.

Phonics/Word Study:  Students will be introduced to the sounds of…  and have practice using each of the following:
hard G = “guh” sound (gap, goat, gum)
soft G = “juh” sound (gym, giant, gel)
hard C = “kuh” sound (candy, cat, cup)
soft C = “suh” sound (cell, city, cycle)
Ticky Q = “qua” sound (queen, quail, quack)
Sound of S = “z” sound (cheese, season, easy)
Sound of X (extra, excited, extraordinary)
Important Dates 
September 4: No School - Labor Day
September 7: School Club Night
September 29: Fall Picture Day
October 9 & 10: No School for Students
Classroom Reminders
Red Daily Folders ---initial each night and return
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: PE
Please dress in comfortable clothes and wear tennis shoes.
Thursday: Library
Please remember to bring ALL library books back to school so new ones can be checked out

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dear Parents,  

Our first week of the school year was great!  All the students are transitioning well into the fast paced world of first grade.  I am very excited to see what is to come for each child throughout the year!

Our parent information night is Tuesday, August 29th.  We will have two sessions so you can choose which one to attend.  We will meet in our classroom, A123. Please make arrangements to leave students at home for this evening.
Session 1: 5:00-5:45
Session 2: 6:00-6:45             

Scholastic/T-Shirt orders are due this Thursday, August 31st. Thanks to each of you for making the start of the year a great one.

Here to Serve,
Mrs. Turner
Below is a quick overview of what was taught this week in class and what will be coming up next week.  Also listed are some important upcoming dates

Math: Setting Up Expectations - As a class we will discuss what math, each day, is going to look like, sounds like, and how we act.  We also be setting the expectations of what students’ math journals should look like daily and what needs to be included for each problem solved.  Students will also explore what tools are (and might be) necessary when solving problems and what do when they don’t know what to do (when solving a problem).
Science: Rules, Laws & Setting Up Expectations - Classes will dive into learning the importance of rules and laws and why citizens have roles and responsibilities to follow within a community/society.  Through reading Officer Buckle, students will brainstorm ideas of what it means to be safe and what it looks like, sounds like, and how one should act.  Through this discussion classes will begin to create their classes’ mission statement.  These ideas will be explored throughout the week using various texts that have different settings so students can transfer ideas and thinking to various places of the own lives.
Language Arts:
 ↪ Reading: Launching Reader’s Workshop - This week we are going to be introducing Reader’s Workshop to students.  We will be discussing the different components are along with what it should look like, sound like, and how one should act independently and as a class during this block of time.  We will also explore what makes a strong reader and begin discussion about strategies to use when coming to an unfamiliar word.
Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop - Students will be introduced to the rules, procedure, and expectations of Writer’s Workshop.  They will learn that they are authors themselves and that we all have a story to tell.  Students will create a “heart map” that holds things of importance to them that they can use as a tool when writing.  Students will also learn how to tell a story “across 5 fingers”, keeping stories on topic and focused.
         ↪ Phonics: Rhyming - Students will build on their understanding and knowledge of rhyming words through knowing that they are words that sound the same and have the same ending.  Students will continue working on rhyming throughout the week using a variety of activities.

Math: Base Ten & Number Patterns - This week students are going to be exploring tallies, the proper way to record them, and how they are useful when collecting/recording data.  Students will also begin to practice the use of base ten blocks when problem solving and how it is a valuable tool when needing to represent numbers.  Students will also start exploring place value while playing a “roll the dice” game and having to place numbers in order from least to greatest.
Science: Roles and Responsibilities of Scientists: Investigating Materials - Students will explore the “job” of a scientist and come to the conclusion that it is a person who investigates various things to learn new things and to help us understand the world in which we live.  Students will also learn what tools scientists use and how they are helpful.  Vocabulary focus will include: safe practices, safety, safety contract, science notebook, hand lens, primary balance, goggles, thermometer, and investigation.  Students will also begin learning how to record findings within their science notebooks through activities involving sorting.
Language Arts:
Reading: Retelling, Characters, Problem & Solution - Students will be exploring different parts of a book (author, illustrator, title, pictures, cover) and how they are useful in being able to retell a story.  It will also be through these, and beginning to read the story, how to stop and “think aloud” while working on making predictions.  Students will also begin to look at the setting and how that play an important role in the overall retell and understanding of a story.
Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop (Continued) - This week’s focus will consist of generating ideas and sequencing the details of story while keeping in mind the “story across 5 fingers” idea.  Students will be introduced to “when I am done… I’ve just begun!”.  Through this students will know that there are different avenues to take when they call their own writing “done” such as: adding details, adding an illustration, starting a new story, etc.  Students will also gain knowledge into what tools to use when spelling unknown words and what things can be done to fancy up their writing.
Phonics: Consonant Blends - Students will be introduced to consonant blends and that it is when 2 or more consecutive consonants in a word whose sounds blend together.  Students will explore l-blends (bl, fl, cl, pl, gl)  and r-blends (cr, dr, tr, gr).  Over the week, students will have practice with various l and r-blends through different activities.
Important Dates 
August 29: Parent Back to School Night-See information above
September 1: All School Assembly
September 4: No School - Labor Day
September 7: School Club Night
October 9 & 10: No School for Students

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome to 1st Grade! Thank you for bookmarking our class webpage and visiting often so that you can stay up to date with the exciting learning happening in class, as well as at our school! 
Patsy Sommer Elementary is celebrating TEN YEARS in the 2017-18 school year and I am so thrilled to begin my tenth year of teaching at the same time! It is going to be a great year of building lasting relationships and learning together!

Please click on and complete the 2017-18 Student Information Form. This will help me get to know your child and keep them safe! 

Supply Drop-Off/Meet the Teacher is Friday, August 18th! See below for your scheduled time.
3:30-5:30   Last Names A-M
4:30-6:30   Last Names N-Z

Click HERE for more information from Mrs. Varljen.

Tuesday, August 22nd is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! :) Students should pack a snack and bring a water bottle. Please put your child's name on all personal items in the event they get lost.

See you all soon!

Mrs. Turner

Twitter: @ajnturner

Week 5 News/Information

TAG READER THANK YOU! Several parents have donated Tag Readers/books to our class and we are SO VERY GRATEFUL! My sweet husband took ...